The Book

Have You Ever Had An Orgasm? A New Book That Will Empower Women to take Control of Their Bliss is Coming Soon!

Have You Ever Had An Orgasm? A Woman’s Guide to Everyday Bliss is a new book that will revolutionize women’s sexuality and empower them to live happy, fulfilled, and orgasmic lives. You cannot neglect nor ignore the beauty and power of sex. It is your birthright to be multi-orgasmic and sexually fulfilled. Today though, 78 percent of women are non-orgasmic, 30 percent will never orgasm, and close to 50 percent have low libido.

Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? provides the necessary tools and information to overcome this and will enable you to enjoy sex and be a multi-orgasmic woman! 98 percent of women’s sexual problems are mental and Have You Ever Had Orgasm? tells about the mental/emotional blocks that are preventing your bliss and how to overcome them. Many women also have numerous health problems that prevent them from experiencing ecstasy and this book provides you with simple dietary and health tips that will improve lubrication, reproductive health, and sensitivity. This book will teach you how you find your ideal man and give you great tips on how to make him a more virile and powerful lover that will take you to orgasmic heights! Earth shattering G-spot orgasms and ejaculation are some of the most powerful and pleasurable experiences that a woman will ever have and you will learn how to have them in this book.

Over 98 percent of women have daily negative thoughts about their body and this book also shows women how to love, value, and appreciate themselves which plays a huge part in being able to fully enjoy sex. You will also learn about the power of being feminine and tools for tapping into your femininity which allows you to fully receive the power of sexual pleasure and ecstasy. Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? is not just a book about sex. This book is about women loving themselves, letting go of pain, embracing their sexuality and femininity, recognizing their own sacredness and power, and reclaiming their divine birthright to be in bliss everyday!

It is the most complete women’s sexuality and orgasm guide ever written and is a must have guide for all women!

The release of this book will be the start of a movement!

Be sure you join this movement to empower women. Have You Ever Had An Orgasm? A Woman’s Guide to Everyday Bliss will be available for preorders in July 2011 and an official release date of August 5th 2011 in e-book and paperback format. Stay tuned for updates of this groundbreaking book on Facebook at or at