About the Author

Jamilla Manigault is the founder of the Free Life Association which includes the widely popular, dynamic, and transformational Dripping Bliss Sensual Healing Services. Jamilla is a renowned sensual, sexual, and life coach, sexual health educator,behavoral health specialist a trained dancer, and healer.

Jamilla has studied the amazing and healing power of sexual energy, the keys to an amazing multi-orgasmic sex life, impeccable sexual health and boundless sexual energy and power, and the time honored secrets to a fulfilling, bliss filled life for over a decade.

Jamilla’s work with women, her years of research on sexuality, and her own journey into being a fulfilled and orgasmic woman inspired her to write this text that would empower women throughout the world to take control of their pleasure

She is at the top of her field and has an incredible gift and passion in coaching and guiding people towards creating lives they desire and experiencing the wonder and beauty that they are. She has totally transformed the lives of thousands of people, young and old, across the globe.

She is available for conducting workshops, seminars.